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Christmas Eve / Lailat at Milad


Christmas Eve Lailat Al Milad

By the Arabic singer Miriam Toukan

An arabic christmas carols and songs, from the arabic christian world, Europe and America, including famous carols such as ‘Silent night’ in its arabic version, the Cd combines between east and west, between Byzantine hymns and western melodies, classical arabic music, ancient prayers .. all under a special arrangement created by musician and composer Moin Danial from Nazareth, together with Miriam Toukan and special musicians from the holyland. the Album was released in 2008. ‘ An album that tastes like red wine, which becomes more valuable and beautiful over time’. On the one hand, the listener can enjoy the happy spirit of Christmas , on the other, he can empathize with the people of the wounded holy land and with the children of all religions and cultures in all over the world.


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